more Crickets From Mars For sale

more Crickets From Mars
  • Urban environment: an internal plain spring soundscape recorded in the night 54 years ago in Porto, 4100-454, Portugal. It was Thursday. The sky was clear with breeze. Technological contamination. Human presence. Animal presence. Insect presence.

    there were no crickets and then they showed up

  • Other meteorological contaminations: very happy cricket.
    Technological contamination: cars in highway nearby.
    Human presence: i was around.
    Animal presence: neighbiur has a cat.
    Insect presence: ladybug was seen in the garden.
    Other environment contaminations: reiki guy in the block.

Recorded with:
Microphones used:
Recording setup:
STEREO - 48000 Hz - 16 Bit Fernanda Meireles

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# Image Title Marked as Hz Bit Audio recording setup: Sound Distance (Km)