Magpies on Rocky road Project

Project owner:
Zampe Mandibole
Recorded by:
Zampe Mandibole
Magpies on Rocky road
  • Suburb environment: an external plain autumn soundscape recorded in the afternoon 3 years ago in Tewkesbury, England, GL2 9PL, United Kingdom. It was Saturday. The sky was cloudy with light wind. Technological contamination. Human presence. Animal presence.

    A rural area in development at the outskirts of Cheltenham and Gloucester, where the rolling hills of the Cotswolds flatten down to the river Servern, between the famous Cheltenham Horse Racing Course and the inspiring Art in Nature. By the side of the small Cheltenham Airport, in the heart of the emerging Cyber & technology park. More images hereon iNaturalist & here on google map

  • Technological contamination: road traffick, building site.
    Human presence: yes.
    Animal presence: dog's sounds.

Recorded with:
iphone se
Microphones used:
Recording setup:
MONO - 48000 Hz - 24 Bit

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# Image Title Marked as Hz Bit Audio recording setup: Sound Distance (Km)