Nature in Art Sound e-scapes Project

Project owner:
Zampe Mandibole
Recorded by:
Zampe Mandibole
Nature in Art Sound e-scapes
  • Countryside environment: an external plain autumn soundscape recorded in the afternoon 3 years ago in Tewkesbury, Inghilterra, GL2 9PA, Regno Unito. It was Wednesday. The sky was clear with breeze. Technological contamination. Human presence. Animal presence. Insect presence.

    Sunset sounds of a clear early Winter evening in the English countryside, where the #Cotswold Hills roll into flattish green fields until they meet the river Severn.

    The location is the site of 'Nature in Art', a grand country house transformed into an artistic hub and museum. The soundscape encompasses a fairly constant busy white road, a large housing building site a plane passing via the small Cotswold airport. Human contaminations include movements (near) and heavy doors (mid distance) - tech notes at the beginning (count?)

    additional images on google maps, I naturalist board & mass socials

    Further information is referenced in cross platforms [GM, iNat, Lit]

  • Other meteorological contaminations: sunset.
    Technological contamination: plane passing, cars on distant road.
    Human presence: movements.
    Animal presence: birds.
    Insect presence: probably.

Recorded with:
iphone 6s
Microphones used:
Recording setup:
MONO - 48000 Hz - 24 Bit

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# Image Title Marked as Hz Bit Audio recording setup: Sound Distance (Km)