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Discover biodiversity wherever you are through the many layers of sounds.

use your smartphone to make an audio recording, ideally longer than 20 minutes to enable us to enter into the lascape of sounds - listen with headphones while recording and listen again twice more. Once listening to jot down on paper the many elements that you perceive. And then listen again to identify the environmental sounds that make the carpet of the soundscape.

Upload here the recordings for the collective to hear the sounds of life where you are.

As the soundscapes are changing with the rapid urbanization and disappearance of biodiversity, by recording and uploading your soundscapes you will also be contributing to an atlas of soundscapes; this will become a precious historical legacy for our future generations.

ESP Tiu ĉi projekto estas daŭra konkurso inter klubejaj amikoj de la Urba Natura Defio.

IT Questo progetto è una competizione in corso tra gli amici del club dell'Urban Nature Challenge.
EN This project is an ongoing competition between clubhouse friends of the City Nature Challenge.

3 ways to get involved - no need to choose, you can do them all

2. Join the conversation - live, voice - on clubhouse by Downloading the Free, phone app & coming to find us here:

3. become a project Member on iNaturalist :

This is an easy way to keep an eye on the event coming our way soon!

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Biophilic Effects for Future Ancestors 

We want to embrace the healing power of nature and join and celebrate tens of thousands of people all around the world, searching for and documenting their local biodiversity, together in their everyday life.

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