Udine during lockdown (Covid-19), piazza Matteotti

Udine during lockdown (Covid-19), piazza Matteotti
  • Urban environment: an external plain spring soundscape recorded in the afternoon 1 year ago in Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia. It was Thursday. The sky was cloudy.

    This soundscape is an extract from: UNLOCKED SOUNDS - EMPTY CITIES DURING LOCKDOWN (restrictions due to Covid-19)


    The lockdown was such a restrictive and devastating measure for all the societies we live in. At the same time though, it created a unique opportunity in history from a soundscape point of view.
    This sound library frames that moment.
    I believe it could have, in first place, an historical and anthropological value.
    Attentive listeners will be able to appreciate how a reduced human presence did actually set free sounds that were barely audible, changing the perception of them. If earlier our ears used to meet constant sound streams, compact drones due to omnipresent traffic, now they can perceive a microcosm of sounds, small details, sound objects that bounce in the empty cities, finally free. Voices and murmuring of the few people around are all muffled by the use of face masks.
    Sound designers will be able to make full use of this microcosm to paint their backgrounds with lively environments, full of small sounds, buzzes, scattered voices, thuds, bells, and so on, all reverberated in empty open spaces.
    With human beings locked up, sounds got unlocked!
    Enjoy listening and feel free to get in touch for feedbacks at hello@notonlynoise.com

    > 5 cities in north-eastern Italy: Trieste Udine Palmanova Grado Venezia
    > 30 locations, 79 sounds, 387 minutes total time running
    > recorded in a stereo ORTF configuration with Neumann KM140 (pair), Sound Devices Mixpre3, 48 kHz - 24 bit
    > UCS standard Metadata

Recorded with:
Pro Tools,MixPre3
Microphones used:
Neumann KM140
Recording setup:
STEREO - 48000 Hz - 24 Bit

# Image Title Marked as Hz Bit Audio recording setup: Sound Distance (Km)