Notte su Largo Spartaco

Project owner:
Istituto Centrale per i Beni Sonori e Audiovisivi
Recorded by:
francesco murano
Notte su Largo Spartaco
  • Urban environment: an external plain winter ambient recorded in the night 6 months ago in Roma, Lazio, 00174, Italia. It was Friday. Il cielo era clear. Technological contamination. Human presence. Animal presence.

    The low traffic during quarantine offer the possibility to hear single elements with more attention. Someone lit a firecracker that scared the seaguls. A single bat pass many times near microphones. A propeller airplan pass by and trash truck approach.
  • Technological contamination: cars passing, garbage truck, firecraker, airplane.
    Human presence: distant voices, people walking.
    Animal presence: seagulls, bats, dog passing.
    Others environment contaminations: covid-19.

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Recorded with:
Pro Tools,Zoom F8
Microphones used:
Micbooster Primo Em172 matched pair,Sennheiser MKH 60
Recording setup:
L,R - 48000 Hz - 24 Bit
MP3 96bps 44100hZ MONO - gain: no - compressor: no - limiter: no

# Image Title Marked as Hz Bit Audio recording setup: Sound Distance (Km)