Sound cloud library

Tired to move your hard disk? Now you can stop to think about this! With LYS library you can upload your sounds in your cloud and download them when and from where you want.


Locating and dating soundscapes is very important and allows accurate historical archiving and also allows easy searching

MONO, LR, M/S, BINAURAL, LCR, Quad, 5.0, 5.1, Ambisonics A-format, ORTF 3D

Select the used recording setup in the LYS form and upload the related BWF, WAV or AIFF files.

Fully describe your soundscapes

Sondascapes uploaded may be fully described by adding varoius weather conditions, environment contaminations, brief and long descriptions and also recorders and microphones used. All info will be stored also in your broacast files

Images and videos

Sound is image and image is sound.. and for this reason LYS permit to add related images or videos to your soundscapes

Open your LYS store..

and select from your witch sound you want to sell and its price, but before you have to provide your FREE DEMO record files.


Browse the map

All pubblic sundscapes are published on the LYS map. A sophisticated search and filter tool allows you to find the soundscape you are looking for

Download broadcast files

LYS delivers broadcast multi-mono files. You can directly use in your movie, documentary or in any audiovisual project.

Long ambience long download?

Long ambience records are best sound way to describe a location and LYS love them, but don't worry: you can download the entire file or only the part that you need!

Free listening

Sounds on LYS map can be listened form everyone, but don't worry: they aren't the originals files. They are MONO Lo-Fi proxy files that can't be used in broadcast world.

Download in your cloud library

Each soundscape downloaded will be stored in your library so you can download again when you need

Who have recorded this?

Behind every soundscape there is someone who recorded it. You can easily know who he is and listen to his other recordings